Gainer House

a resource site for gainers and encouragers


Gainers and encouragers are highly imaginitive people who develop intricate fantasies that allow them to explore their sexual desires. Often this involves taking a real-world situation and adding a gaining context to it. Many of the classic gaining stories have never been published on the web or have been lost over time. Below is a list of some of the best resources currently available for gaining stories.

Please note that these sites are intended for adult audiences and should be viewed only by those who are 18 years of age or older.

BallBellyBear no longer being updated, but has some classic stories
BeefyFrat an age-restricted, membership-only site with a "stories" area that has almost 500 stories.
BellyBuilders an age-restricted, membership-only site with a "stories" area that has almost one thousand submissions.
Dimensions story archive mixture of gay/lesbian gainer/chub stories
Fat Fiction a gainer story blog
GainerWeb archive of the stories from the now defunct GainerWeb
HXTP's story blog gay gainer stories
It's Great to Gain an interactive story with over 6000 chapters
Lardboy a private, age-restricted yahoo group—the Files section has an extensive collection of stories about extreme gaining (often referred to as "gaining to immobility")
Roundhouse a collection of furry gainer stories

And a couple of stories by the webmaster of Gainer House: